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Science suggests man-made emissions play a major role in global warming and, in turn, influence climate change. Home energy use alone accounts for 27% of UK carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions which contribute to climate change. The Glass and Glazing Federation calculates that if all UK replacement windows installed were B and C rated, each household could save the energy equivalent to making 34,000 cups of tea!
All our Energy Efficient windows achieve C rated or better energy efficiency. Put simply, they’re the most energy efficient windows your money can buy. Decide what A, B or C rated performance you want; we’ll do the rest.
In winter, the energy efficient coated glass used in our windows retains warmth within the home. Itís also designed to exploit radiant heat energy from the sun. These properties result in significant fuel savings compared to a single glazed dwelling. Our windows make more of ambient heat
We all want the best from replacement double glazing. That’s why our windows stand apart. From styling to performance to saving energy, the advanced design gives you a comfortable, secure, energy-efficient home.
Reduce wasted energy. Cut bills.
Choosing our windows to replace single glazed or older double glazed units saves money from day one. In fact, it could reduce your heating costs by up to 20% - perhaps worth up to €321 a year. Reduce condensation and noise. Lower heat loss at window edges makes our glass 3-4C warmer - cutting condensation by up to 80%. Using high performance gaskets, our double glazing reduces noise pollution, too.
If the windows in your home consist of single glazed or older double glazed units, replacing them with our energy efficient windows will save you money. It can reduce the energy you need to heat or cool your home by up to 20%
Our energy efficient window system brings together market leading components to deliver exceptional performance. This means quality performing glass and the best performing ‘warm edge’ spacer technology is used in the sealed unit. Our window profiles include Q-Lon weather seals, multi chamber construction, high security locking and stainless steel hinges.
Energy efficient windows  – at the right price
Colours & Finish Options The range is available in variety of finishes including white, rosewood, golden oak and a range of solid colours, all can be combined with your choice of glass design, including Georgian square, stained or diamond lead. Why choose between elegance and practicality when you can have both?
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