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Bow  & Bay Windows
Expand the possibilities of adding an elegant, stylish and functional bay or bow window and make any room a masterpiece. Bay/Bow windows can be installed in most large window openings, allowing you to improve your home's appearance while also dramatically changing the feel of the room
Bay and bow windows are very versatile, so make the most of your new space. What you do with this area depends on the function of your room and what you want to do in this new addition. Build in a window seat with plenty of pillows, and storage cabinets below, for a sunny place to read and relax. Or build beautiful wood cabinets alone – maybe to match the wood of the window moldings, with space on top for plants, books and more. Or don’t build anything into your bay window. Instead, furnish this engaging corner with an easy chair, an end table and a floor lamp. This will be a perfect spot for plants due to all of the wonderful light that streams in.
Georgian Bars This style option allows you to tailor your window glazing to create a personal finish for your home. This is achieved by inserting a shaped bar in between the glass panes. Astrical Bar Similar to Georgian bars but offers a more traditional finish by planting shaped bars on top of the glass panes thus creating depth to the design and the look of individual glass units. Mock Horn Our Mock Horn feature enhances the aesthetics of your windows by achieving the appearance of a traditional vertical slider.
It’s the detail that counts. Make your mark with our design  options - creating your own individual style.
Design Options
Bay Windows Bay windows retain the traditional look of your home creating space, character and allowing light to flood your room.
Bow Windows Our bow windows offer you the versatility of creating the illusion of space and depth by allowing more light into your home without the need for additional building work.
SILVER GREY BLACK  CREAM ANTHRACITE  GOLDEN OAK  ROSEWOOD  Standard Colour Selections Special Colours Available
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